Discover the magic of Family Sailing

Discover the magic of Family Sailing

Set sail on a Skipperd yacht for a unforgettable family adventure in Croatia.

Set sail on a skippered yacht for a unforgettable family adventure in Croatia.

Family sailing magic awaits with GoXperience

With GoXperience you’ll embark on a journey that combines adventure, bonding and exploration for you and your family. No previous experience with sailing? No problem! An experienced skipper is going to take care of you. We bring you to the most beautiful and interesting places. Swim in crystal clear waters in a bay of one of a the many stunning Islands, go snorkelling or jump on a SUP board and start paddling. Go ashore to explore the Islands, visit historical old towns with many bars and restaurants. We take care of you without hidden costs, all expenses onboard are included except for alcohol. So book your family sailing holiday, come to Split Croatia and start to create family memories.

Quality time

Leave the hustle and bustle and immerse yourselves in quality family time. Sailing allows you to connect without distractions, crating memories that last a lifetime.

Adventure and play

No need for mobile phones here! There is always something going on. Swim in crystal clear warm waters. Jump on the paddle board. Go snorkelling or enjoy sailing to another Island!

Changing scenery

Wake up to a different view every morning. Explore hidden coves, pristine beaches and charming coastal towns. Your floating home takes you wherever the wind blows.

Family all-inclusive package*

During the summer holidays (july and august) we offer family and friends private sailing trips. Book our yacht with family and or friends all for yourself. You can bring up to 8 people in comfort. We have paddle boards and snorkelling equipment onboard. No hidden costs. All onboard expenses are included (apart from alcohol). See our pricing page for details, don’t forget to checkout our easy monthly payment plan!

Family sailing in Croatia

In-Depth Explorer

Family and friends sailing

Discover Croatia

Come aboard, just relax and discover the beautiful Croatian coastline with 1000’s of islands.

-7 days aboard Sailing yacht GoX (max. 8 persons)
-Experienced skipper with local knowledge (multi-lingual)
-Sail like a local, sailing each day to another beautiful spot
-All onboard expenses like food and drinks included (apart from alcohol)
-Tourist tax and VAT included
-Bedlinnen package included
-4x two person passenger cabins all ensuite (toilet and shower)
-Spend one night in a marina
-Free use of Paddle board(s)
-Free use of Tender to get ashore when anchored
-Free use of snorkelling equipment
-No security deposit
-No additional fuel costs
-No end cleaning costs.
-Very close to Split airport

All-in for 5995 euro’s (6 adults + 2 children).*

Limited availability left!

*Check our pricing page for more details

Life onboard sailing yacht GoX

All our trips are tailor made to provide the best possible sailing holiday in Croatia. We do not have fixed Itinerary’s. We go where the wind takes us. Subject to weather we bring you to the best places we can get you. We run a family atmosphere on the boat with everyone mucking in with the cooking, so we advertise it as Self Catering but the Capt does like to cook. In most cases when guests go to shore in the marina or somewhere else, this means they have a drink or meal(s) onshore which is your own choice, on your own expense and last but not least it’s highly recommenced! Have taste of the local atmosphere adds more great memories of your family sailing holiday. For those who want however there is food aboard for the whole trip.

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